Everyone who has watched The Purge knows how chilling it was to watch a state of complete anarchy. The film chronicled 12 hours in a society without any laws or law enforcement. Naturally, this led to complete chaos and violence. However, the action, the thrill and the excitement made for perfect entertainment!

Though it was fun to watch the film, living in a time of complete anarchy doesn’t seem as exciting. Unfortunately, residents of Louisville, Kentucky faced a very real Purge threat last weekend.

Fliers and posters announcing the commencement of a Purge were found all over the city last weekend. These announced the arrival of an impending crime binge that would begin on a Friday evening and go on until Saturday morning. Social media further worsened matters, with hashtags like #LouisvillePurge trending throughout the weekend.

The police, who also hoped that this was all a hoax, were prepared for the worst-case scenarios. The threat was especially alarming, considering its proximity to the Kentucky State Fair.

However, it came as no surprise when the Louisville Purge was revealed to be a hoax, which was the doing of a bored teenager. Though there were two shootings over the weekend, neither of them could be attributed to the Purge.

Luckily, this turned out to be a hoax. But posters advertising Purges have popped up all over the USA. For now, let’s just hope that these hoaxes (or anarchy, for that matter) don’t cross the ocean.

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