Every weekend, as we religiously go to the theatres to watch the latest senseless money making machine that Bollywood has in store for us, we wonder when it will get better. When will heroes stop airlifting their vehicles and learn to fight without floating towards the bad guy. Well, that day may never come, as we Indians love our ‘laws of nature’ defying action stunts. But there is some comic respite out there for you poor tortured souls. 

A YouTube channel called ‘The Surfing Violinist’s India Adventures’ created a segment called HollyBolly which spoofs trailers of Bollywood films. The channel is run by Ford Seeuws who is an American living in Delhi and is well-versed in Hindi and Indian culture. He is enamoured by India, so he goes around documenting places, trying out street food and trying not to be the clichéd foreign tourist. The highlight of his channel is HollyBolly which is the parody/review of famous Bollywood movies like Singham, the Dhoom Trilogy, Chennai Express, Krrish 3 and many more. Let’s face it; Bollywood is a veritable mine of content when it comes to making parodies out of them. We have physics defying actions-scenes coupled with plots that are held together by the sheer strength of the star’s fan following.
HollyBolly does for Bollywood what the critics try to do every Friday, but fail miserably due to word limits and no visual aids. It takes the movies that Bollywood proudly calls its biggest blockbusters, and tears it into pieces using tools like logic, coherence and common sense. The Dhoom parodies have been quite well-received with catchy phrases like ‘go go gadget upar’ every time one of the bikes perform an airlift with no supporting ramp. In the end, the booming voice with an American accent says the famous movie lines like ‘Mogambo khush hua’ posted by viewers in the comments section. HollyBolly truly encapsulates the ridiculousness that Bollywood tries to pass off as films and mocks them with style. Here’s one of their trailers: 
By Shreya Nair

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