Fame is how celebrities stay alive, even after they have died. But staying alive in the hearts of people does not mean that celebrities are somehow sheltered from death. You may not have heard about it, but we have come very close to losing some of our dearest Hollywood celebrities (even more than the ones we lost this year). They have narrowly escaped from the clutches of death and continue entertaining us through their work in films. Here are the five celebrities who survived dangerous situations and have lived to tell the tale. 

Tom Cruise
Hollywood Near Death Experiences - Bookmyshow

Tom Cruise is a risk-taker who’s not afraid to do his own stunts. But that is not why he almost died this time. The reason for Tom Cruise’s brush with death was his Edge of Tomorrow co-star Emily Blunt. Emily Blunt was inspired by Cruise doing his own stunts and signed up to do hers, too. There’s a scene in the movie where she’s driving a car with a trailer behind it and Tom Cruise is in the passenger seat. Emily ignored Tom telling her to hit the brake, stopped too late to make a clean turn, and smashed into the tree. Thankfully, nobody sustained any serious injuries and Tom and Emily shared a laugh afterwards.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Hollywood Near Death Experiences - Bookmyshow

Leonardo DiCaprio is an adventurous guy. While he may not have done many action movies, he is a daredevil in real life who just hasn’t had the best luck. He's jumped out of an airplane and had both his parachutes fail. Rushing to the ground, he could see his life passing before his eyes. His back-up parachute was disentangled at the last possible moment and he survived. Leo’s bad luck struck him also when he was on a flight to Russia, whose wing exploded into a fireball before his eyes. The plane had to make an emergency landing and he was saved yet again. Who can tell if it makes him extremely lucky to survive these situations or very unlucky to be in them?

Daniel Radcliffe
Hollywood Near Death Experiences - Bookmyshow

Daniel Radcliffe was shooting the movie Horns in Canada when he fell seriously ill for three days and had no idea why. It was only later that he figured out that it was from unwittingly drinking a full glass of water from the tap which happened to be mixed with antifreeze. Antifreeze is a poisonous compound that’s added to water to the pipes in cold places that can cause toxicity in small amounts and even death. After recovering, he was about to drink the water again when his make-up person informed him that it's not safe to drink.

Meryl Streep
Hollywood Near Death Experiences - Bookmyshow

Meryl Streep almost died while rehearsing for the movie Into the Woods. Dressed up in cumbersome rehearsal clothes and carrying a cane, she was leaping on things and scaring people, completely in tune with her witchy character. When she jumped on a high table, Streep got her shoe caught in the dress and started falling backward towards the stone floors. Her co-star James Corden recounts thinking that it was the moment he would see Meryl Streep die. The one who saved her from the awful fall turned out to be Emily Blunt who was pregnant at the time with her first child. 

Chris Hemsworth
Hollywood Near Death Experiences - Bookmyshow

The Thor actor came close to dying on the Himalayas. Travelling with his wife, Elsa Pataky, who was there to film a Spanish TV show, he got altitude sickness at 4000m above sea level on the cliffs. While climbing at this level, you have to stop after each day to give your body a chance to adjust. He 'started to lose his mind' and acting irrational. At night, when the couple was at 4000m above sea level, his breathing began to sound like Darth Vader. Ignoring his claims that he was fine, his wife got the guide who immediately got him off the mountain. During the checkups the next day, Chris found out that if he had stayed for another day, he wouldn’t have lived.

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