That awkward moment when you make plans with your bestie and their bae. At first, it seems to be a great idea to catch up with your friends, but later you realize that you have become their third wheel. Many celebs have also been there and can totally relate to such a situation. No matter how much you try, such situations can be unavoidable sometimes. At that moment, all you can do is just go with the flow or bolt as soon as you spot the next exit!

In order to make you feel less bad about this situation, we have made a list of Hollywood celebrities who have also ended up being third wheels at some point.

Kanye West
Jay-z and Beyonce are good friends with Kanye. You can often spot them hanging out together. In this situation, we wonder, "What will be more awkward?" – being the third wheel or going on a double date.
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Tom Cruise
After being caught in an ugly divorce battle, the Mission Impossible actor, Tom Cruise started hanging out a lot more with his friends, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. During his low phase, he also started attending red carpet events and award shows with this couple. Maybe it’s turning into a habit now?
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Kris Kardashian
If you haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashians then this will be news for you. Kris Kardashian has been a perpetual third wheel for many of her kids. But you can mainly catch her being the “chaperone” to Kim and Kanye.
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Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album, Red, featured Ed Sheeran which got him a lot of popularity. That entire year, he had majorly been the opening act for Taylor’s Red album tour. Since then, you can catch him tagging along with Taylor and her current boyfriend, Calvin Harris.
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Kendall Jenner
The uber-chic Kendall Jenner has now grown used to being the constant third wheel. In 2015, during the U.S. Open tournament, she was seen with Gigi Hadid and her then-boyfriend Joe Jonas. Later that year, she was also seen hanging out with her sister Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga, who were getting a bit up, close and personal around her. Awkward!
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Sarah Hyland

The Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland, is good friends with the High School Musical actress, Vanessa Hudgens. The two girlfriends have hung out a lot of times and have also gone on dates together. This time, Sarah posted a picture of them on Instagram, where she wished Austin Butler, Vanessa’s boyfriend on his birthday, and acknowledged that she was happy to be their third wheel.
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