There are films which could have made it to the list of the greatest films ever made on celluloid, but Boom! The ending of the film ruins it all.  There are many films where the ending has left the audience disappointed and made them feel that the film could have been better. Based upon popular choices and famous films where the ending has gone wrong, here’s a list of the acclaimed Hollywood movies whose ending has disappointed the viewers.
Here’s a list of films with endings gone wrong:
Superman (1978):  The first one to top the list is the epic heroic tale of Superman. Superman, who is every comic fan’s first hero, but on celluloid, when it made an attempt to bring about a devastated ending, the fans became disappointed.
The Ending:  Superman experiences his Eureka moment when he is caught up in turmoil and then cut to! The film ends with Superman flying in the air, really fast. This act is performed in order to turn back time. Cut to. The film is over.
The ending is unrealistic and not satisfying for a fan who expects larger-than-life action from a man like Superman.  The logic goes wrong because there’s simply no connection between spinning the world on its axis and turning back time.

No Country For Old Men (2007): This film made by the Coen brothers  has a great climax. The film’s climax is fast and filled with rage but the ending breaks it all.
The Ending:  The ending of the film does not have substance. It tries to probably go on a path of being abrupt and abstract, but what it does is, leads to a no-conclusion end.  The character of Sheriff Ed Tom Bell rambles about some dream he had and the movie ends. This makes for an ending which is neither impactful nor hard-hitting.  Atleast, such an ending is not expected from ace directors like the Coen Brothers.
The Village (2004):  The first half of the film has all the elements to make it for an intriguing watch. It has horror, it has suspense and the question that arises in the viewer’s mind, “what’s next?”
The  Ending:   The ending is dull and unrealistic. The character of Ivy Walker is found by a park ranger and then we discover that she is out of the village and in the modern times. Then the character of her father, who appears along with his folks have created a “wildlife preserve”  deemed it a no-fly zone,  and had been living thereafter. This concluding end, is sure to sound absurd and ridiculous for a film which promised us a beginning of horror and suspense.
Lincoln (2012):  Steven Spielberg, another Hollywood superstar director, who is known to be a director “with the trouble of getting the right ending”, has ruined this one as well.
The Ending:   We see the character of Abe dying in bed instead of witnessing the actual assassination. It would have been better for the makers to actually end the film before 10 minutes it actually ended.

The aforementioned Hollywood films had endings that were not only disappointing, but frustrating too, especially when such films have the brand name of directors who are considered to be the best in the business.  You may or may not agree with the list, but one thing is sure that these films are not going to be in the list of those evergreen classic films. 

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