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Hollywood Hits and Misses: June 2017

June has been a fantastic month for all the Hollywood movie lovers. June saw a lot of big releases as Priyanka Chopra made her Hollywood debut and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman left the audience in awe. There were also a few welcome surprises like Baby Driver and The Big Sick which impressed the critics as well as the audience. And who can forget the crash of the threequels as Despicable Me 3 and Cars 3 hit the theatres one after another? As promised we are here to list what worked and what didn't among all the major movies that released during the month. If you have been to the theatre's every weekend the list might not come as a shock. For the one's who have missed the hits of the month, maybe it's not too late to catch a show yet. Without wasting more time, let's begin.


Wonder Woman

And the best movie of the month goes to this gem. Not only did it appeal to the feminists worldwide with how the character was handled but this was a big win for the DC. After receiving a lot of flak for Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, it is comforting to see them do something so well. Makes us hope for the upcoming Justice League. Along with some marvelous performances, Hans Zimmer's soundtrack was a cherry on the cake.

Cars 3

While DC was trying to loosen up a little, Pixar was not. With Cars 3 they decided to go a little dark with their story and it worked marvelously for them as audience and critics admired the brevity and the emotions in the third movie.

The Big Sick

This might probably be the most unfilmy film that you might watch. The critics have praised it for keeping things real and even though it is a romantic comedy, this movie does not sell you the whole hearts and flowers affair. It has been released after being screened at numerous film festivals. This one you definitely shouldn't miss.

Baby Driver

We all love a good musical. Baby Driver is just that but with added action. Rated 5/5 stars by most publications, this Edgar Wright movie is all that you need in an action flick with a soul. Ansel Elgort who till now has been a part of a lot of YA movies is now ready to take Baby steps into the big bad world. Would love to see what the actor presents next.

Despicable Me 3

If Minions are not enough reason to pull you to theatres for this one, Gru and Dru should do the trick. That's right, there are two of them now. The magic of the Minions doesn't seem to be wearing off anytime soon and we can hope that there will be more in the series.

Transformers: The Last Knight

If there is one series where people can't make up their minds about loving or hating it is the Transformers series. The staunch fans continue their unwavering support while the haters can't wait to bash every new attempt. The latest installment is a visual treat with spectacular fight sequences. If watching robots fight isn't something you like, this movie has a plot too.

All Eyez on Me

The name Tupac invokes a lot of emotion in every 30-something-year-old. Once a legend, always a legend and that is what everyone who has watched the movie would say. The movie talks about his rise to stardom and the various problems he had faced in his career. 


There were also a couple of high profile misses that managed to miss being on the list of hits with a very narrow margin. The Universal Dark Cinematic Universe failed to take off as expected with The Mummy but all is not lost yet as they gear up for The Bride of Frankenstein.  Priyanka's Hollywood debut has been a hot topic all over the world but it failed to impress the audience, although her performance has been well appreciated.

What do you think about the movies in June? Which ones impressed you the most? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.

Disclaimer: The movies selected are solely based on the reviews the users have submitted. We are not referring to the box office or critical success of the movies.