It seems that every day, something or the other gets leaked online. One day it is a Game of Thrones episode, the next day it’s Anne Hathaway’s nude pictures. And this is not limited to media. Hillary Clinton’s email leak during the presidential elections of the US led to one of the biggest losses of her career. Similarly, sometimes the cast of a big movie is revealed or a major plot is spoiled before it releases. Some hacks even target specific celebrities, exposing their deep dark truths over the Internet. Nowhere is safe, and if you have your personal details online, you need to be very careful. Here are some of the biggest leaks on the Internet, which prove that it’s not easy in Hollywood either.

Uh-oh, it's fappening!
In 2014, in a major
iCloud leak, personal images of several celebrities were shared online. Some of these images also included celebs posing nude. Naturally, there was an outrage in Hollywood, as several A-list stars were targeted, including Jennifer LawrenceAriana GrandeKate UptonKaley Cuoco and more. This was the start of a nude images leak, which has continued till date, its latest victim being Anne Hathaway.

Spoilers are coming!
Game of Thrones
 is possibly one of the most-watched TV series around the world today. Now that the show is running ahead of the books, there is a high demand for people to know how the series progresses. Hackers have made this HBO show their favorite, and the latest episode was already leaked online before its airing this Sunday. This was not the first time GoT was leaked. Even the first four episodes of the fifth season were available online much before the actual release date.

Game of Thrones leaked online - BookMyShow

Netflix and don’t chill!
Not too long ago, Netflix became the target for hackers, who threatened to leak episodes of upcoming shows online, lest they were paid handsomely. Netflix ignored the ransom demands, and sure enough, the first 10 episodes of Orange Is the New Black (a 13-episode season)
were leaked almost a month before they were set to release.

Christmas came early!
In 2015, several movies were leaked online, before their Christmas release dates. The leak started with the Oscar-nominated The Revenant and The Hateful Eight. The list of leaked movies kept on increasing and soon enough, people got to watch The Danish GirlSpotlightConcussion, Steve Jobs and Bridge of Spies outside the theatres. Of course, this was long before the movies even released in India, which was during Oscar season.

Han Solo first look leaked online - BookMyShow

Just another Star Wars glitch!
The Star Wars universe can’t seem to hold its secrets. Sometimes a cast member reveals a major spoiler or the merchandise gives away more than just a toy. One of the latest leaks was the first look of the new Han Solo movie that was accidentally released online.
Currently under works, a video was posted showing the Millennium Falcon under construction. The movie is going to be about a young Han Solo and will release on May 25, 2018.

Do you realize what makes these leaks so appealing? Ever-consuming netizens are impatiently hungry for data. Whether it concerns us or not, we can’t help but jump on the bandwagon and get a taste of the forbidden fruit. So it’s up to productions, networks, and celebrities, in general, to keep their data safe. Meanwhile, if you are considering a career in hacking, check for job opportunities in HBO, who didn’t even need the help of hackers to leak their latest GoT episode.