Bang! The slide shifts back, the cartridge is ejected, then a fresh round is slammed into the chamber. Ready for firing! 

That is the essence of a good action film. Hollywood has given us amazing gunplay over the years. From bullet-time to Mexican stand-offs to gun-fu to Woo-style gunplay, we have had the best of the gun. And for your pleasure, here is a list of the best. 
1. Bullet-time
Remember the first time we saw bullet-time on screen? Yes, the terrace scene in the Matrix. The complete slo-mo, with Keanu dodging .50 cal bullets. Talk about an eye-popping moment in film.  

2. Mexican Stand-off
What’s a Mexican stand-off? Well, take three cowboys (your choice really), place them in a cemetery (or any other deserted location), have each of them armed with a gun or two. And make sure they really, really hate each other. It is the ideal three way duel. Also you will need Ennio Morricone‘s epic soundtrack. The cemetery scene at the end of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is the perfect example of this. Who do you think will win? 

3. Gun-katas
Now gun-kata is a stylized way of gunplay that never really happens in real life. Let’s face it, elaborately  crafted and choreographed fight sequences with guns rarely take place. But they are a treat to watch. Just take a look at the gun-kata in Equilibrium. Cool huh?

4. Gun-fu
Well gun-fu is slightly different from gun-kata. This is Hollywood’s version of CQC (that is Close-Quarters-Combat). The best example of this is the scene from John Wick, where assassins are out to kill John right in his home. Take a look.

5. The two guns
What is better than one gun? Two guns, but of course! And what better film to check this out, than John Woo’s Face/Off. Nicholas Cage is amazing as Castor Troy. But what makes him stand out is the dual gold-plated Colt .45s that he wields. Oh yeah, John Travolta doesn’t do too badly either. 

6. Quick-draws:  
The quick-draw. One of the most iconic moments of a Western. Two men face each other, whoever is faster at drawing, cocking and firing their weapon is the victor. The best example of this is the scene from For A Few Dollars More. Lee Van Cleef has to take on the bandit while Clint Eastwood watches on. 

Let us know about your favorite gun fight. Drop us a comment. 

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