Home, based on Adam Rex’s novel “The True Meaning of Smekday”, is a joy-ride, but only caters to children.  This is the only movie released by DreamWorks this year, with the studio pinning hopes on “Kung Fu Panda 3”, scheduled for release next year.  Home appeals to the young, focusing on the relationship between an outcast Alien and a girl.

The Boov- an alien species led by Captain Smek (Steve Martin) run away from everything, and seek planets to take shelter in. The Boovs are frightful of fresh ideas, and don’t take excitement particularly well. Oh (Jim Parsons), is exactly the opposite and when he accidentally sends their location to their enemy, the Gorg, Oh flees. He meet Tip (Rihanna), a girl whose mother is lost after the recent evacuation of the planet by the Boovs.
Together, they travel to find Tip’s mum, Lucy Tucci (Jennifer Lopez) vis-à-vis also solving Oh’s problems. The action sequences are fun and enjoyable, but with many of them already done in other films. The Boovs remind you of the minions in Despicable Me, except that they can change their colour. The only similarity is that they serve the most spiteful and dumb master.
Jim Parson (Oh), recreates his magic from the Big Bang Series with his one-liners and fervor. His lines are a strange mix of Yoda and Gollum’s speech styles. Rihanna (Tip) matches Parsons, for which the film wonderfully depicts the relationship between the two. Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have both composed a majority of the songs for the films, ever adding to their creative talents. The animation is spotless, with Oh’s expressions and changing colour being the highlight of the movie. Instead of taking its time to settle in, director Tim Johnson has rushed the storyline in the first half. This is a big let-down as the second half seems a bore, with predictable scenes. 
Why Should You Watch It
Jim Parson’s effort is commendable in the film, along with the visually pleasing animation. Take your kids along for this one.
By Shlomoh Samuel

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