This short film by Amsterdam-based filmmaker Jeroen Houben is about a hotel inspector, played by Gene Bervoets, who leads his life one suite at a time. Hotel inspector Ludwig‘s life is a trail of scrutinizing fresh towels and mini soap bars, room service scans, and mini-bars checks. Dull as it may sound, the film manages to entertain. Ludwig meets a fellow inspector Stella (Thekla Reuten) and embarks on an adventurous night that leads to a enlightened morning.     

The 14-minute short film, Home Suite Home is likely to remind you of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest. The baroque feel associated with the director’s style is subtly persistent in the narrative as well as the visual canvas of the short film. 

The short film is in French with English subtitles. You almost get lost in the dialogues and the actions. That’s how good the actor is. His grumpy demeanor is in contrast with the perfect hotel surroundings. The almost Instagrammed film is lovely to look at. The actors do a great job. The reviewing seems real; the criticizing and the laughs fit in perfectly. Home Suite Home is a great attempt, which, however, lacks the intensity that you would associate with a good story. Even though the film manages to end on a note that gives us a message, the script falls short of being the true hero. The main character makes up in more than one ways. 

Watch the film here: