Sometimes all you need to make a good film is the right elements in the right amounts. With low-budget horror films having gone horribly wrong in the past, there aren’t many that stay with you. Honeymoon is one of those that has that little something that makes you shiver in the dark. Director Leigh Janiak gets to play around with your fears. In truth, how well do you really know someone? Starring Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway, Honeymoon gets your pulse racing. 

The film is about a newly-wedded couple who seek to enjoy a honeymoon in the woods. You might wonder, what is so scary about that? But slowly but surely, things start to go terribly wrong. As the young couple struggle to cope with the different horrors around them, you are drawn in. The director actually gets you to think about the question: How well do you really know someone? As the movie progresses, the unknown becomes tangible. This adds to the horror. 

Director Leigh Janiak has made a simple film with an ultra-small cast and a good premise. By keeping the elements simple, she gets you to commit to the story. Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway do justice to their roles. Most horror films, you are shocked by the screams or the shouts of the cast. In Honeymoon, the truly scary parts are when nothing is said. In the anticipation, your flight or fight response gets triggered. As the film goes on, you expect certain plot points. But don’t think that you can accurately guess what comes next. That is the best part of the film, the unexpected delivery of sublime horror. 

Why should you watch this film? 

A movie which takes you into the woods and genuinely gives a shock to the system. Finally, a horror film where blood and gore aren’t the focus, but the simplicity of the story. At the end, you are kept on the edge of seat and you will enjoy the chills. Don’t miss it. 

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