With Lights Out around the corner, we are gearing up to watch the James Wan-produced movie when it hits theaters. Unfortunately, not all movies manage to garner such hype and often miss the public eye. With more than 2000 movies releasing in a year (and in Hollywood alone), it's quite understandable that you might have missed a few. We take a look at some of these gems of the 21st century who lost the battle to mainstream cinema. So sit back, take notes and get ready for some serious chills!

The Tunnel(2011)
Take a bunch of investigators and put them in a dark and eerie tunnel; what do you get? One of the best underground-horror movies out there. Don’t bother with the trailer, it’s too generic but the movie has its own way of captivating your attention. We are sure you wont be disappointed.
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The Abandoned (2006)
We don't blame you if you missed this one. You are among the many who probably hasn't heard of this creepfest. The story of a woman who returns to her homeland to discover some uncomfortable truths about her family history will break your heart as it delivers the scares. When you're looking this one up, beware of the few too many movies that go by the same name. The 2006-released Nacho Cerda movie is the real McCoy.
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At the Devil's Door (2014)
Sadly, this movie went unnoticed among the plethora of other mainstream ones. The film shirked all religious horror tropes, which was a welcome change. Imagine it like a slow burner. It takes it time to slither its way through. Watch it for the gripping script.
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Honeymoon (2014)
This one begins as beautiful romantic movie about a young man on a honeymoon with his lovely wife. As things take a nightmarish turn shortly after the trip, he realizes she isn’t the bubbly young girl he married. We don’t want to give away too much. Watch it for the paranoia and the eerie atmosphere it creates.
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The Loved Ones (2009)
Well, this one isn’t exactly horror but neither your stereotypical teen-based hack-n-slash movie. It goes a step beyond. What happens when you turn down a prom invitation? Apparently the leading lady concocts a violent plan to seek revenge. This will surely make you go ewwww!
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V/H/S 2 (2013)
This one is a masterpiece! Building on the fairly successful first installment (V/H/S), comes a horror anthology, which follows along the same lines as The ABCs of Death. The plot revolves around the two detectives who while investigating a mysterious disappearance of a student stumble upon a collection of VHS tapes. The eclectic pool of directors have done a marvellous job of enthralling their audience.
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Splinter (2008)
Have you ever questioned yourself -'What would I do if I was there'? In case you haven’t, we are sure you would while watching Splinter. It is set up in a convenience store, where a happy young couple are forced to fight for their survival against an enigmatic porcupine-like creature making it impossible for them to leave.
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Triangle (2009)
The Triangle trailer might suggest a typical slasher treat set on a ship but as it turns out, it's far more intriguing. What we get instead is a mind-bending little trip, which just blows your mind. Two words – time loop!
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-By Anish Dhurat