Hot Pursuit is unfunny. The action-comedy by Anne Fletcher is less of comedy and more of agony.

Hot Pursuit traces the story of Cooper (Reese Witherspoon), who almost grew up in her dad’s police car, a San Antonio cop. Her life takes a turn when she is assigned to escort a drug dealer’s wife, Riva (Sofia Vergara). What follows next is a series of repeated gags and a dull gangster chase.


Both Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are good actors. But in the film, they try too hard to fit into the roles, which make their character less compelling. Reese as the inept cop, is too obvious with her actions and Vergara is loud and loony, as always.

The jokes in the film will make you cringe. There is a scene where Riva explains menstruation to some men, in a most icky way ever possible. Are we suppose to laugh here? And again, there are way too many lesbian and facial hair jokes thrown around, which are absolutely not funny.

The supporting cast including John Carroll Lynch and Jim Gaffigan among others, gives a good performance.

Overall, the film lags the punch and the action fizzles out way too soon.

Why should you watch the film? Though the film is highly stereotyped and silly, Reese and Vergara will give you a few chuckles. Their chemistry is good. Hot Pursuit is the kind of a film which you can watch over a lazy weekend with your girlfriends.