Are you someone who shrieks at the mere thought of watching a horror film? Or its trailer? Or even the poster? But still, you muster up enough courage and say yes, when your friends plan for a horror movie night. And then, you suffer. Silently and miserably. You secretly hope the plan gets cancelled or some sort of natural calamity takes over the entire city. But hold on to your emotions, it’s not that bad. After all, it is just a movie! Need some help? Here are five ways, you can survive a horror film.

Watch the movie with lights on

Well, anything is better than darkness right?


Laugh a lot

Even though you’re [email protected]#t scared, just laugh it off. Pretend as if you’re not scared at all. This will boost your confidence level. Hysterical laughter…

Check your phone


Mobile phones has been saving people from awkward situations for quite a long time. Same goes with horror films. As soon as you think something scary might happen in the movie, take out your phone and read those annoying group messages. Suddenly, they’re so amusing and comforting.

Ask your friends a lot of questions

Yes, be the annoying little prick who wants to know everything. Who’s that? What are they doing?… Yes, bring out the entire question bank.

Or maybe ignore all the above points and just enjoy the movie 😛

Face your fear and just go with the flow. Buy yourself a huge tub of popcorn and enjoy the show. Once you watch it, you’ll realize that it’s not that scary after all.

Want to test yourself? We have a superb film for you. Go watch Insidious: Chapter 3, this weekend! Yup, the most terrifying Hollywood horror series is back! What better way to start your horror adventure, right?