Review: Redemption has Jason Statham doing what he does best – action, but with a twist. Statham plays Joey – ex-Special Forces soldier who is on the run. Forced to live off the streets of London, he develops a bond with a nun, who runs a soup kitchen, and a homeless teenager. But all that changes when he happens to break into an apartment that is unoccupied and assumes the identity of the owner. Soon he is back to putting his Special Forces skills to use. Although, it may not be to good use.

Despite being ambitious, Redemption has too many themes and sub-plots to live up to what it intended to do. Statham’s traumatic stress issues, his thirst for violence, his relationship with the nun. The character has too many unjustified grey shades. To add to that, the many sub-plots prohibited the film from being as profound as the story and character required it to be. Statham, although impressive, also seems slightly out of his comfort zone. Given that, he is a far better actor than most in his type-casted genre of action. Polish actor Agata Buzek does a great job as the nun Sister Cristina, given the limitations of her character.

Redemption is by all means a good film, but may be too complicated for its own good. While on one hand it makes a surreal point about tortured souls, on the other it lacks the depth to justify it.


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