What are the first few things that come to your mind when you think of an apocalypse movie? A big budget, explosions and top-notch special effects, right? If you answered "yes", you are in for a surprise!

Ike Interviews God shows us what happens when an ordinary 31-year-old insurance clerk is chosen to speak to the Almighty. What begins as a bland PR-approved conversation quickly escalates into something more real and terrifying when Ike finds out that God has planned an apocalypse, so that she can start over with a better set of people! Ike must then talk God out of the plan, which leads to some eye-opening revelations, peppered with a hearty dose of black humor.

Eli Shapiro‘s short film is proof that you don’t need a big budget and over-the-top VFX to make an engaging film. It shows us that just about anything is possible when you have a good lead actor and a strong script. The film relies on the witty banter between Ike and God, the hilarious jokes and a strong message to make its point. And it’s safe to say that it succeeds.

Unsurprisingly, Ike Interviews God‘s main strength lies in its writing. The film takes an ordinary man’s humdrum life and puts a hilarious spin on it. The film is cheeky, sarcastic and hard-hitting; all at once. It takes on various topics; including (but not limited to) religion, greed and the media. The best part? It has an important message that all of mankind could use. Want to find out what it is? Watch Ike Interviews God: