After Rockstar, Imtiaz Ali is coming up with his new film titled Highway which stars Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. The film is said to be an exploration of life as a journey, and has all the classic elements of an Imtiaz Ali film. Again, travelling is at the heart of Highway, and occupies the centrestage when it comes to the story of this film. This time, the lead characters take a journey together and the film happens to chronicle the experiences of this journey. It is a romantic story where two characters from different backgrounds meet and they take a trip through six states in a truck. Sounds romantic! The lead pair has been wonderfully cast and there is certainly going to be a sizzling chemistry when Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt will be seen together on screen. The interesting aspect of this film is that along with the film, a travelogue called as Highway Diary has also been shot along the lines of the movie.

This consists of the memorable and fun experiences that the crew had while making the movie. Imtiaz always seems to embrace the gradual process of making movies and considers it extremely important to his craft. I happened to meet the gifted director in Mumbai and talked to him about his latest film along with his movies and influences in general. I also asked him about his latest film Highway and how he thought of making the film. He replied saying that he had thought of this story 15 years back, as this was the first film he wanted to make. Furthermore, he added that a lot has happened since then and the story has evolved on its own pace. I also talked to the filmmaker about his cinematic influences and enquired about his cinematic process. He said that in the strict sense of the term, he is not a ‘cinephile’ and his movies majorly come from various life experiences and the extensive world literature he is familiar with. After all, he has been a student of literature in Delhi University, and was instrumental in starting a theatre society by the name ‘Ibteda’ there.

This is certainly an interesting aspect about his work that separates Imtiaz Ali from other film directors.For this reason, his films always look extremely fresh, resonating with the essence of contemporary life around us. His films always speak about the place of love and relationships in our lives and how our circumstances influence our way of looking at our own lives and the lives of those whom we love. Hope like his brilliantly-made previous film Rockstar, Highway too manages to strike a chord with the audience and touch lives with this poignant tale of romance discovered while taking a journey through six states.

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