Verdict: A nostalgic reunion and a visual treat.

We had 20 years to prepare…so did they” – the tagline of Independence Day: Resurgence is a gentle reminder that this movie is going to play on the nostalgic gland of your brain. More or less, the film is successful in doing that. We all love exploding aliens, bridges and cities that are getting destroyed, crazy geniuses who figure stuff out, and a heroic team who saves the Earth. Independence Day: Resurgence follows a formula that worked 20 years ago with a few twists. The film is a reunion of most of the characters that we saw in the the original movie.
Jake Morrisson (Liam Hemsworth) serves as a lieutenant on the Earth Space Defense (ESD) station on the moon. He is your regular heroic, altruistic, macho guy who simply wants to save the world. Dylan Hillier (Jessie Usher) and Jake had had some altercation during their training days, and don’t seem to get along. If you know movies well, you know that this itself sets a premise for both of them to become the best of friends later in the plot – you know, as they save our planet.
Meanwhile in Africa, David Levinson (Goldblum) is the ESD Director visiting the African warlord Umbutu. He sees an intact ‘mothership’ from 20 years ago, which tried to dig a hole to get to the Earth’s core. And there are signals that the spaceship is not dormant anymore. Damn! Dr. Brakish Okun (Brent Spiner) is now up from a 20-year-long coma, owing to a “calling”, if you will. President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) also realizes that there will be visitors.
On the ESD on the moon, a spherical spaceship, with no signs of life, ends up getting very close. Despite Levinson’s opposition, the spaceship is attacked and its return to the dark space is celebrated. But the story has just begun.
If you expect the film to be radically different, don’t. The story is quite formulaic and doesn’t surprise you much. Everyone has given it their best, but due to the sheer number of actors, not everyone gets enough screen space. Jeff Goldblum’s signature style, Brent Spiner’s earnest performance and Liam Hemsworth’s terribly good looks (okay fine, and performance, too) work quite positively. Though Will Smith’s innate swagger is missed, the movie goes on just fine. We couldn’t help but notice a tangent and a rather sweet storyline between Okun and Isaacs. Alas, it didn’t progress much.
And finally, the selling point of the movie – copious amounts of VFX and CGI. The decadence of the visual effects have to be experienced in the movie theaters. The movie is convincing enough mostly because of the VFX, and they form an indispensable part of the experience.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Because it is spectacular! Watch it for the VFX and for a few good light-hearted moments that will make the movie more real. Watch this one for the whole 20-years-ago-and-now nostalgia. It makes for a good weekend watch with friends…and family – if your family loves good action-packed films.