There’s this buzz going about that Insidious: Chapter 2 isn’t as scary as it’s predecessor. So, if you’re thinking of walking into a theater, believing that you will be safe as you watch the film, be assured that you’re gearing yourself up for a great surprise.

The first half and in fact more the entire film is full with cheap thrills. But they are still thrills and they are going to give you jolts throughout. The film is introduced to the audience in a very spooky fashion, it’s almost like entering a ‘haunted house’ in a fantasy park. This approach kind of lacked originality and established the film on a lighter note, more like a freak show than a horror film. So that bit fools you into believing that, "so that’s what it’s all about…I can sail through this." But that’s how James Wan tricks you, because on the whole, Insidious: Chapter 2 isn’t just scary it has a far more complicated plot than than the previous film. (The kind that will make your rack your brain to a certain extent)

The film opens with the childhood of Josh Lambert. The haunted Lambert family is on a mission to uncover the childhood mystery of Josh that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world. And the terrifying looking old lady that has been haunting Josh since his childhood has finally taken possession of his body, as shown in Insidious.

Look-wise, Wan has casted the younger versions of Elise, Lorraine, Josh and even Carl to the T. However, in terms of performance, they fail in epic proportions. Fortunately, they don’t have too much screen-time.
Watching Insidious: Chapter 2 or for that matter even Insidious is like entering a ‘haunted house.’ It has creepy figures, ghosts and ghouls and erratic spirits jumping at you, catching you unaware. But yes, Wan definitely raises bar, with his interesting plot, allowing the film to be more than a mere visit to a "haunted house".
He has used the same loud and haunting soundtrack he used in Insidious. The only thing that I don’t appreciate is the sudden rise in the volume of the soundtrack. It’s public knowledge that humans get disturbed, shocked etc. at loud sounds. So that’s like a cheap gimmick that he uses. But love the way Wan executes intervals of long silences followed by sudden boo’s.

The film leaves not a moment of relief for the weak-hearted, it is terrifying. And the haunting performances by Lin Shaye who plays Elise and Patrick Wilson who plays Josh Lambert is sure to keep your heart pacing. There are a few other terrifying performances as well, but won’t reveal it here, watch the film and find out. And just to clear the air, Insidious: Chapter 2 is a scary film alright, but definitely not as scary as The Conjuring.

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