Verdict: Plenty of jump scares that will haunt you for days.

Elise Rainier is at it again! The parapsychologist of the popular Insidious series is back hunting ghosts in the fourth installment of the franchise – Insidious: The Last Key. The movie follows the events of its prequel, making this one the second movie chronologically. This time, Elise’s duty leads the psychic and her team to her childhood home. She is haunted by more than just the spirits of the metaphysical world. The ghosts of her past have returned to give us one of the most frightening Insidious movies yet.

What’s Insidious: The Last Key About:

In a flashback scene, we see Elise’s (played by Lin Shaye) childhood, tormented by demons. Her ability to interact with ghosts was seen as a gift by her mother, but her father would try to beat it out of her. On one occasion where her brother is left traumatized by a demon in their room, her father decides to punish Elise by locking her up in the basement. There, Elise unlocks a red door, which leads the KeyFace demon out of his prison. Hell is unleashed and her mother’s attempt to help Elise ends up killing the mother.

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In the present, Elise gets a call for help from a man haunted by demons in his home. Reluctant at first, the psychic agrees to help him, taking her back to the house where she had lived with her family. There Elise finds more ghosts from her past and now it’s time to undo the mistake she had made by unlocking the red door.

What Works:

Lin Shaye has always been convincing as Elise Rainier. It’s the reason all four movies are based on her, even though her character was murdered in the first movie itself. This time, we see a new side of Rainier, who is taken back to the place where it all began. There is a sense of dread within the character, which the actress portrays brilliantly. The other actors in the movie seem to do a decent job, especially Leigh Whannell (also the writer of the series) and Angus Sampson, who are primarily present for some light comedy.

But a horror movie’s impact primarily relies on audiovisual effects. There were plenty of jump scares, some we didn’t see coming. By the fourth Insidious movie, we know what to expect but sometimes we find ourselves so caught in the narrative, that even the slightest jump has us scared out of our wits. Light played an important role in the film and even the night light was used effectively.

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What Could Have Been Better:

The movie begins at a slow pace and mostly catches our attention in the second half. There is an interesting twist, which would have worked better with a well-written ending. The climax scene is slightly underwhelming especially when we had our hopes up in the second half.

Why You Should Watch:

It takes guts to make a journey into the metaphysical world, populated by spirits of every kind. In Insidious: The Last Key, we meet the worst of them all. So if you think you have it in you, don’t miss this horror flick. It could be the last in the franchise and the perfect way to spend time scaring your closest friends.