Director: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache

Cast & Crew: Francois Cluzet, Omar Sy and Anne Le Ny
Synopsis: This French film is based on a true story is directed by Olivier Nakache, starring Francois Cluzet as aristocrat Philippe and Omar Sy as ghetto dweller Driss is a heartwarming tale of friendship, life and the relationships formed between people without regard to disparity, narrated in a crisp, flowing flashback format.
After a paragliding accident, when Philippe, a rich Parisian aristocrat, needs a live-in caretaker, he encounters many clones of qualified people in an interview. Driss, a strapping inner-city crook, shows up for this interview with the intention of being rejected. However, impressed with his irreverence, Philippe hires him.
What follows is the formation of a great bond between the two, as they help each other across some of the challenges in store for them. They bond and help each other grow, enriching each other’s lives by embracing the differences between them.
Review: Every once in a while a movie comes along that touches you, without being melodramatic. Intouchables falls in that category. Based on a true story, it’s so subtle you won’t even realize when it struck a chord and left. An intense subject involving a paraplegic treated in a light hearted manner. An inspirational story that will make u smile, not introspect. The strength of this film lies in its treatment and its performances. Despite its intensity, it’s a breezy pleasure to watch.
This French film revolves around Philippe (Francoise Cluzet), a paraplegic aristocrat looking for a full time caretaker. Among the many applicants is an African American Driss (Omar Sy) from the ghetto who comes with the usual set of problems and baggage that one would associate with the ghetto. He needs to prove that he applied for jobs so he can get benefits from the Govt. But something about him impresses Philippe and Driss gets hired.
After initial glitches, Driss gets used to washing, cleaning, scrubbing, and feeding Philippe. He not only goes about doing his duties but changes the way Philippe lives. A 360 degree change occurs in Philippe’s life. The two soon develop an endearing bond. A bond that involves smoking up in the middle of the night, going off for a strolls whenever he feels like. Driss, in short, teaches a helpless paraplegic man how to live, despite what life throws at you. Both Francoise Cluzet and Omar Sy have played their parts effortlessly. Especially given the bond between the two men. Driss slowly becomes like family to Philippe. But soon the inevitable happens. Driss has to leave. Philippe already anticipates this. Driss has his own family, his own life to lead. How will Philippe take this? Oh no, don’t fret. I told you this film is not dramatic or intense. Watch the film to find out what ‘the happily after’ ending to this is.
Verdict: A real life story told in the most endearing manner. It’s the kind of feel good film you must watch.

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