It’s a proud moment for Indians when you see Indian actors make it big in Hollywood. After Inferno, Irrfan Khan will now be seen in a mini-series called Tokyo Trial, that will be launched on Netflix in 2017. This four-part series is a historical courtroom drama which will shed some light on the investigations and the trial that was held in 1946 to determine the fate of World War II criminals. This series was shot in Europe and Japan last year and is directed by Rob King and Pieter Verhoeff.
The trailer of this series was recently released and by the looks of it, the series will be super intense. Needless to say, this trial was a major milestone in history, which established the importance of taking action against people who conspire to wage wars or indulge in crimes against humanity. In a way, it goes about questioning the morals and defining the rules of war. And in this trial, Irrfan Khan will play the role of one of the 11 judges who will be responsible for making the final decision. This show also stars Paul Freeman, Stephen McHattie, Michael Ironside, Marcel Hensema, and Stacy Keach among others. Watch the trailer here:

So, if you are a fan of Irrfan Khan, you definitely cannot afford to miss this series.