Stephen King’s novel ‘It’ was first adapted into a two-part mini TV series in 1990, which was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. That show was playful yet menacing. But the 2017 movie adaptation of this novel is pure terrifying and creepy as hell. The background score used in the trailer also adds to that feeling and makes it a treat for all those who love to watch horror movies.

This movie too will be made in two parts. The first part of this movie is releasing this year on 8th September worldwide, and it will capture how a group of kids, The Loser’s Club, will try to take down a homicidal, demon clown called Pennywise. The second part of the movie will be more like a reunion, the kids would have grown up by then and they will once and for all have to fight Pennywise.

Directed by Andres Muschietti and produced by Warner Bros., this 2017 version stars Bill Skarsgård, who plays the character of Pennywise. In the trailer, you mainly see glimpses of him and he definitely manages to send a chill down your spine and keep the suspense alive. The Loser’s Club consists of seven kids who try to investigate how people are disappearing and being murdered in their small suburb called Derry. 

The first trailer takes you back to the 80s and it tries to establish that something horrible is taking place in Derry. While in the second teaser, you notice a natural chemistry among the kids. Thanks to Finn WolfhardBill DenbroughSophia LillisJack Dylan GrazerWyatt Oleff, and others, you do get that Stranger Things vibe. Looks like the 80s and the 90s are back and everyone is getting nostalgic and enjoying this trend.

So if you still haven’t watched the official trailer, watch it here. And those who suffer from coulrophobia, close your eyes because you will not like what you see here!

Once you have watched that, don’t forget to watch this extended teaser. Yes, clowns will no longer be funny now.