Every mother's day, we get to watch many short films and videos as a tribute to mothers around the globe. All of them show how mothers are the very reason of our existence and that we must value them. Terribly Tiny Talkies, however, took being a mom to a whole new level through their latest short film Jai Mata Di.

Mumbai is home to millions of people but it also very truly stated that "in soney ki raahon mein soney ki jagah nahi". It has one of the most diverse cultures of all the cities in India, the media hub, the Bollywood town and the most open and safe city, yet finding a place to live in Mumbai is a task in itself, especially if two people decide to live together without a marriage certificate.

The film deals with a similar situation when a young couple (Shriya Pilgaonkar and Shiv Pandit) decide to live together and are looking for a place. They find a good house with the help of a broker (Saanand Verma). As it can never be easy for you to rent a flat in Mumbai, the broker informs them about the pros and cons of the society. He also tells them that "single couples" are not allowed in the society (of course he meant unmarried couple, but single couple makes more sense). But as jugaadu the Indian population is, this situation must have a solution – they just had to make the secretary (Manu Rishi) of the society believe that they are siblings.

Jai Mata Di - BookMyShow

Shriya calls her mother to meet the secretary of the society and to help them get the possession of the house. Enters Supriya Pilgaonkar. What follows is a funny take on how there's nothing that a mom cannot fix for their kids.

The film is a very refreshing take on a subject as emotional as mother's day. With casting on point, it delivers exactly what it intends to. There's no doubt on Supriya Pilgaonkar's ability to grasp the character and she has done a hilarious job, but the person who couldn't be more in his character was Manu Rishi. He played the nosy conventional decision maker of the society with all the other stereotypes associated with a strict society secretary, flawlessly. Undoubtedly, the best part of this 10-minute long movie is the conversation between these two.

The film touches upon the dukhti rag of all the tenants around the city of Mumbai, who wish to live a peaceful albeit a "happening" life at the same time. This is so relatable, it is not even funny. But ironically you will laugh out loud after watching. 

So, say Jai Mata Di and make your day by watching this awesome short film: