James Bond film series

James Bond, By the Numbers

23 films. 6 actors. 1 legendary spy.

James Bond.

Over the years, the name has become synonymous with big blockbusters, fast cars and high-octane action. And why wouldn’t it be? The Bond films are one of the most successful franchises of all time! But one question has plagued every fan of the series: Who is the must successful Bond of all time?

Though everyone has a favorite, it’s time to be objective and find out who the best Bond is. Fortunately for you, we’re here to do the math and answer that very question. Here’s a breakdown of the James Bond franchise, by the numbers:

By the Bodies
Bond isn’t afraid to use his license to kill. But some actors have been more trigger-happy than others!

At an average of 33.75 kills per film, Pierce Brosnan was the most lethal Bond of all time! Which Bond had the least kills? At an average of 5 bodies per film, George Lazenby!

By the Babes
Behind every great spy, there’s a badass woman… Or if you’re James Bond, multiple badass women.

By the Booze
We all know how James Bond likes his martinis. But his alcohol intake is enough to leave any ordinary man shaken and stirred. So, how many units of alcohol did each Bond consume?

By the Beasts

Whoever said that you can’t run over bodies in an Aston Martin has clearly never met James Bond. We all know he likes his cars fast, but just how fast?

By the Box Office
There’s a reason James Bond is called the Man with the Golden Franchise. At a total worldwide box office collection of $6,159,601,036, the Bond franchise is the world’s third highest-grossing series ever. But which actor made the most money?

Each of the Bond actors had their strengths, but we all know that the character is an unstoppable force in his own right. From the baddies to the box office, he has conquered them all. Now, Bond is coming back, ready to take on his most powerful enemy yet. Will he succeed? We can’t wait to find out in Spectre!