Verdict: A thrilling sequel to a waning series.

Just when we thought we had seen the last of the Saw movies, Peter and Michael Spierig are back with another sequel. Jigsaw released in theatres across the world on Halloween last year (Halloween is to the Saw series, what Eid is to Salman Khan) and five months later, it has hit some theatres in India. This movie comes seven years after the last film in the franchise – Saw 3D – which was slated to be the final. But Jigsaw’s game is not over yet, as yet another sequel – the ninth installment in the series – is in talks. But for now, let’s focus on the movie in hand.

What’s Jigsaw About:

10 years after the death of the infamous John Cramer (Tobin Bell), the police are embroiled in a case where a number of dead bodies are strewn across the city. Why the Saw killer is important to this case is because the people were killed in a manner typical of Cramer. Detectives Halloran (Callum Keith Rennie) and Hunt (Clé Bennett) lead the charge but are staggered when they realize that Kramer’s grave is empty. There are only two possibilities – a new killer is on the loose, trying to set a trap for the police, or Jigsaw is back at his game!  

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What Works:

Jigsaw is not just a movie for horror fans, but for anyone who enjoys watching gore on screen. There’s a lot of brutal killing and dismembering of body parts. In addition, the whole thing seems like a game, where the players have to harm themselves in order to survive. Yes, it certainly feeds the psychopath in you, and the accompanying music and special effects add to the gore factor. While there might not have been many ingenious methods of torture in this one, it still gives plenty of thrills for a Saw fan to enjoy. This film is not recommended for a date.

What Could’ve Been Better:

This sequel is for fans who have seen the Saw films – all seven of them – otherwise, it just seems like several plots crammed into one movie. None of the movies in the franchise are yet to beat what James Wan delivered in the very first film, but Jigsaw still provides something for fans to chew on.

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Why You Should Watch:

Because deep inside, you love watching torture. However, it’s not just a movie for psychopaths, but also for those who enjoy watching crime thrillers. Yet, they will not find solace in this film, for Jigsaw will live on forever.