Verdict: A refreshing film that is sure to become a trendsetter.

Jil Jung Juk has been creating a lot of buzz in Kollywood with its different songs, interesting promotional techniques and wacky trailer.  It’s not often that you see a bold, quirky and experimental film in Tamil cinema. And if you do, then the film isn't entertaining enough. However, this week’s offering from Kollywood – Jil Jung Juk – breaks down this notion. A silly yet solid premise, with good humor and music, make this film a refreshing watch.
Directed by debutant Deeraj Vaidy, this film centres around three people – Jil (Siddharth), Jung (Avinash Raghudevan) and Juk (Sanath Reddy) who work on an assignment for a local don. The film entertains you quite nicely when the focus is on the three leads and their silly antics. The scene in which the three talk about their respective fathers was done well. Some of the best parts of the film are when the trio are dodging the powerful drug dealer in different ways. 
The biggest strength of the film are its wacky characters. You have a character named Rolex Rawther, who uses the world’s most deadly ants named Cheer Girls, as a weapon to scare his enemies. You also have a character named Pai, whose effeminate voice makes him stand out. His character wins the most laughs. The supporting artists may have brief sequences, but are remembered for their unique characterization. 
The dialogues in this film are another plus. The local ‘Madras’ accent adds to it. The gags in this film are accompanied by some hilarious one-liners. The scene when Jung and Nagaraj confront the drug dealer will crack you up. This film has some good ideas and some well-executed sequences. However, as the film progresses to the second half, you being to realize that these ideas overflow, and, everything begins to look chaotic. This eventually makes the last few portions of the film a drag.
Siddharth, as the blue-haired Jil, is in good form. The actor adds freshness to the film. The scene in which he beats up the bad guys really brings out the ‘hero’ in him. Sanath Reddy and Avinash Raghudevan perform their comic sequences very well. The film’s music is fantastic, and gives the necessary edginess to the film.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Jil Jung Juk is a youthful entertainer that offers plenty of humor. It's a different and brave attempt, that boasts of a good cast. Watch this film if you’re looking for something refreshing this weekend.