Normally, you wouldn't find a self-involved scientist who controls the life of everyone around him likable, much less adorable. But Jim Parsons manages to do that with ease with his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper in the very quotable show The Big Bang Theory. The character became so popular that he's even getting his own spin-off show as a kid. Jim Parsons has been playing Sheldon Cooper for 10 years now and yet he still somehow manages to look the same age. On Jim's last birthday, we told you things you might not know about him. On 44th birthday today, let's look back at some of the times that Jim Parsons made us love Sheldon Cooper. 

Hulk Impression

When Raj wants to go on a double date for the second time, Sheldon isn't interested until Raj bribes him with Hulk hands signed by Stan Lee. When he puts them on, Sheldon immediately becomes Hulk and gives us his adorable impression of the superhero. 

Closure Therapy

Sheldon is not a normal guy. He has several issues and his trouble with closure is just one of them. Thankfully, Amy is here to help him out, and though she thinks she has "treated' him successfully, Sheldon manages to fool her. 

Sheldon hugs Penny

Sheldon hates gift-giving and for a good reason – he has to figure out a return gift of the same value to give the other person. When Penny gives him the greatest gift he could have hoped to receive, material objects don't come close to returning the sentiment and he hugs her in this heart-touching scene. 

Sheldon Plays Bongos

When else is one supposed to play bongos if not in the middle of the night? Sheldon takes a page out of the great scientist Richard Feynman's book and picks up this loud musical instrument. We can sympathize with Leonard's frustration but Sheldon's too adorable to stay mad at. 

Singing Sheldon

Penny and Sheldon share a unique friendship that's quite different than the one with any of the guys on the show. When Sheldon fell sick, Penny had sung to him and when Penny falls sick, Sheldon has to return the favor by singing Soft Kitty. He's a little hesitant in the beginning but he finally warms up to it.

Here's wishing our favorite genius a very happy birthday.

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