The Movie Mela at Jio MAMI is a way to let fans meet their favorite stars and filmmakers and get insights into what goes into making a movie. The Director's Special at Jio MAMI 2017 featured Kabir Khan, Alankrita Shrivastava, Nitesh Tiwari, Anurag Kashyap, and Ayan Mukerji. During their chat with Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand, here’s all that we got to know – 

MAMI Movie Mela

Have You Ever Walked Off a Set in Anger?

Anurag – Walked off the sets of Mission Kashmir due to differences with Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Anupama could only smile in agreement. The rest have always maintained their cool.

Most Commonly Used Phrase on Set 

Kabir – Cut (as he lets the AD say 'Action')

Alankrita – Hurry up!

Nitesh – Let’s take one safety take (though he is happy with the one he has got)

Ayan – Action (the tone varies according to the scene, for example, he uses a fun tone if it is a dance sequence)

Most Number of Takes

Kabir – 36 (refuses to mention the star or the film)

Alankrita – 16/17 (Lipstick Under My Burkha)

Nitesh – 40 (Chillar Party – the kids just wouldn't cooperate)

Ayan – 20 or 30

Anurag – beyond 15 (For an intimate scene featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the upcoming Netflix India show – Sacred Games)

On-Set Rules 

Anurag – Had a no-falling-in-love rule on the sets of Dev D (He broke it himself as he got into a relationship with the lead actress, Kalki Koechlin.) 

Ayan – None.

Nitesh – No one screams even if things go wrong.

Alankrita – For Lipstick Under My Burkha, men on the set were told not to laugh or gasp at a few sensitive scenes. 

Kabir – Just maintain a happy atmosphere.

Addiction on Set 

Kabir – Water or a few cups of tea

Alankrita – Caffeine addict

Nitesh – Tea and Paan Masala

Ayan – Tooooooo many cigarettes

Anurag – Coffee and cigarettes

Best Day on Set

Kabir – Kabul Express shoot completion in Afghanistan and shooting Nawaz’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan intro scene in one take

Alankrita – Any scene that she is scared about

Nitesh – Looks at the edit and knows it is good

Ayan – Just the shoot in general

Anurag – Working with different actors

Most Useful Advice From Another Director 

No one says a word but later reveal this – 

Kabir – Yash Chopra said that if a scene doesn't work on paper, it won't work on screen.

Anurag – If you are low on budget, shoot on the streets. Mumbai is your set. 

Ayan – Aamir Khan gave tips on how to be a better filmmaker.

Nitesh – Raju Hirani said that the first film will be the most genuine one as later on, the commercial aspects come into play.

Lessons Learnt

Nitesh – Never assume. Most kids in Chillar Party couldn't cycle and the shoot had to be delayed due to their training.

Ayan – Styling women is not as easy as it seems. Shot for Konkona's scenes in Wake Up Sid only to know the clothes were completely off.

Kabir – Don’t provoke the Taliban. Also, don't assume the rest of the crew has the same passion as you.

Alankrita – Never underestimate the importance of post-production (sound and edit in particular).

Anurag – Keep expectations low. Waited for years for Paanch to release.

Cellphone on Set – Yes or No?

Kabir – Hell no. There’s an INR 5000 fine if you are found with one. The total amount collected (mostly around a lakh) goes to a lucky winner.

Nitesh – No. Crew members have to deposit it before the shoot.

Anurag – I use my phone to play Sudoku. 

Alankrita – My phone is off but no rules in general.

One Part of FIlmmaking They Hate 

Anurag – Marketing/Promotions

Kabir – Same as Anurag

Nitesh – Choreography scenes (he feels useless on the sets)

Ayan – Nothing

Momento From Set

Anurag – Lots of things

Nitesh – The toy horse from Dangal (His kids play with it.)

Kabir – John Abraham's jeans from Kabul Express (He altered them and wore them later.)

Alankrita – Most of the stuff that already belongs to home 

Ayan – Some of the things from Wake Up Sid (He has already lost them.)

Mami movie mela

Post this wonderful session, Karan Johar had The Big Talk with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The host asked very generic questions about stardom, failure, their father's tweets, and of course nepotism. While Kapoor seemed confident about his answers, Bhatt fumbled on more than one occasion. The duo will now be seen together in Ayan Mukerji's film which is not titled – Dragon.