The screenplay for Jobs comes across as something that has been flicked from an article over the internet. I’m talking about the kind of articles that show up from search queries like "most interesting facts about Steve Jobs". As much as Kutcher looks convincing as Steve Jobs in his physical appearance, the smirk on his face doesn’t allow him to display Jobs’ intensity. The best that Kutcher achieved was imitating Jobs’ peculiar gait, but that too looked funny on-screen.  It’s a biopic that keeps you engaged solely because Jobs was a legend and not because the film is good.

As the film progresses one realizes that director Joshua Michael Stern and writer Matt Whiteley didn’t really care about aesthetics, logic or storytelling. Steve Jobs who was known to be a punishing perfectionist would have been so heart-broken and angry had he watched this film made on his life. Jobs isn’t a documentary nor an entertaining film, it falls somewhere in between. Had it been entertaining, atleast the presentation of facts could have been forgiven. What we largely see Jobs do is walk funnily, throb his lips when agitated and in general be a jerk, like a boss does. Josh Gad does a convincing job as he plays Steve Wozniak (Apple’s lesser-known co-founder).

The last scene in the film is so pathetically cliched that it may make you want to throw up a little (in your head, of course).

It’s sad because Jobs will get a wider audience here in India, primarily because it’s the story of Steve Jobs, as opposed to Kick-Ass 2 which is a far more entertaining film.

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