We always turn to celebrities for inspiration for most things. Except relationships. If there’s anything 2016 has taught us, it is that ‘love is dead’. And celebrities have spearheaded this belief in us. If Brangelina can’t make it work, regular people like us are doomed. But then pops another celebrity couple, filling us with hopes and dreams again. One such couple, who have always made us envious of their relationship (in a good way), is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

They’re not shy to express their love, and their social media accounts prove that. Then again, they’re not pretentious celebrities either. In fact, John has dedicated his most popular song ‘All of Me’ to his wife, Chrissy. But that’s not the only reason you’d wish he was your husband. John Legend epitomizes ‘husband goals’ and here’s why:


Baby duty is not only the mommy’s job. John is a pretty hands-on dad.




Sunday morning

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He loves his family so much, he even features them in his music videos.


He always sticks up for his partner, especially online.


He doesn’t just “lend a hand” in the kitchen, but actually cooks along with his wife.




Thankful for my sous chef ❤️ goodnight my loves!

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And even makes her favorite food.




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He understands women and their needs. That’s why he gifted Chrissy a cheese wheel.  




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Most importantly, he loves and respects his partner.


Happy birthday, John Legend! We hope men out there learn a thing or two from you.

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