Venturing into the world of parenting can be equally exciting and nerve-wracking. All the prep work begins from the day you hear the "good news". For nine months, you wait in anticipation to meet the newest member of your family. But when the baby arrives, the real struggle begins. And then you understand the real difference between theory and practical! But even with all the chaos, you find happiness in quiet, little moments that you spend with your child. You also realize how easy it is to develop a sense of humor in order to remain sane while loving your child unconditionally.

We bring you some of the hilarious tweets by hollywood celebrities that describe their parenting experiences. This article is for all those who believe and know that parenting is not easy!

Note: Yes, we will not judge you if you were able to relate to some of these celebrity tweets.

Yes, you did it.

Contrasting situations. Such is life.


The realization!


Major dilemma.


When they learn to say "no".


When they notice things.


A question that every parent has.


When they like the simple things in life.


Playing dress-up.


Explaining what's not funny. (Real dilemma!)


You wish it was that easy.


That moment you have been waiting for!


How taxes work.


You have been warned.


The champion of all parenting tweets!