Strained relationships, family issues and emotional drama – this movie has it all. The story delves into the life of a cocky, high-profile city lawyer, Hank Palmer, who returns home to his estranged family. What ensues thereafter is a predictable family drama, enriched by picturesque view of the locales, excellent cinematography and commendable acting by an A-list cast. The story while undeniably lacking in the area of novelty, has finely sketched out characters and a few emotional scenes which make the movie a pleasant watch.

The plot highlights the strained relationship between an authoritarian father and his rebellious son. Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.), a self-absorbed lawyer, returns to his childhood home for his mother’s funeral. However, he extends his  trip, when his father Joseph Palmer, a local judge is accused of murder. Hank decides to go out of his way and make things right. Whether he succeeds or not, forms the climax of the film.

Veteran actor, Robert Duvall, even at the age of 83, justifies his role as the stern father and local judge. His connection with his on-screen son, played by the suave and ever-so-charming Robert Downey Jr. is the significant highlight of the movie. Downey Jr. is always a treat to watch on screen. Billy Bob Thornton as a defence lawyer and Jeremy Strong as the dim-witted brother also leave strong marks in their respective roles.
The movie has some exceptionally good scenes that reflect the vision of the director, David Dobkin. However, it fails to reach out because of its duration, over-abundance of melodrama and predictable story.
Why you should watch the film?
Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall are the main highlights of the film. Despite the story being predictable, it’s a delight to watch two remarkable actors together on screen. Watch this emotional drama only if you are an ardent fan, and can be tolerant of excessive family drama.
By Samiya Dinware

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