The desi avatar of So You Think You Can Dance is all set to hit the Indian shores. Hrithik Roshan‬ and ‪Varun Dhawan are said to be in talks to judge the popular dance show. While this will be Varun Dhawan’s small screen debut, Hrithik has judged a dance show on television in the past. Bollywood stars have judged dance shows on TV a number of times. We wondered, what’ll happen if we reversed the tables and judged these judges on entertainment, sex appeal and popularity quotient! Here’s a list of Bollywood actors and actress judges and where they stand on our parameters. 

Shilpa Shetty
Entertainment: Shilpa is a talented dancer and a total entertainer. She knows how to keep the audience engrossed with her bubbly personality and charming words. 
Sex Appeal: Let’s face it, she is hot! She is one of the most fit Bollywood ladies we have in the industry. 
Popularity Quotient: Definitely a 9/10! Everybody loves her.  
Malaika Arora Khan
Entertainment: Munni is famous for her killer moves. She is a firecracker and a true dazzler. 
Sex Appeal: Malaika is one of the hottest in the industry. She is quiet the sex symbol. 
Popularity Quotient: Her popularity has always been high. Be it 90s Chaiyya Chaiyya or for the Munni Badnaam Hui song.  
Madhuri Dixit 
Entertainment: She’s the ultimate dream girl. The lovely Madhuri is not only an extraordinary dancer, but is one of the most expressive ladies. Who can miss her stunning performance in Ek Do Teen or Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar. 
Sex Appeal: Still has her charm and the million dollar smile can still melt a million hearts. 
Popularity Quotients:The lady rules hearts. She has fans across age groups. 
Shahid Kapoor
Entertainment: He can make people laugh. His chemistry with Karan Johar was brilliant. Also, whatte dancer!
Sex Appeal: You would think his sex appeal would reduce after marriage? But, no sir! He could have broken a million hearts’ when he married Mira Rajput last year but his appeal is far from waning. 
Popularity Quotient: It is super high! Just ask the Shanatics (A term coined for all Shahid fans). 
Juhi Chawla
Entertainment: Not many know, but the super bubbly actress was one of the earliest celeb judges. Though, she isn’t as entertaining when compared with the rest of the judges. 
Sex Appeal: Juhi is always the pretty one. Sexy, not so much. 
Popularity Quotient: Still quite popular with the audience. Juhi is loved by many. 
Mithun Chakraborty 
Entertainment: Kya baat, Kya baat, Kya baat! The grandmaster knows how to keep the audience engrossed. 
Sex Appeal:The disco dancer will always be hot.
Popularity Quotient: He is still loved by kids and adults alike. 


Do you agree? Who’s your all-time favorite dance show judge?