While 2016 seemed to be all about the heroes fighting among themselves, 2017 is the age of heroes uniting. Last year, at San Diego Comic-Con and even the Alto Mumbai Comic Con, exclusive footage from the much-awaited Justice League was screened. The trailer was released amongst much pomp, with strategically released teasers leading up to the trailer (yes, you heard that right). As people spent their weekend dissecting it frame by frame, there was a unanimous reaction. DCs affinity with darkness is not going away anytime soon. Although the line-up looks a little different than the one we saw on the animated TV series, there is no doubt that they certainly are a formidable team against what looks like a very formidable foe. Let’s get down to everything we know.

Let’s talk about the teasers first. Unlike Marvel, they haven’t charted a phase-wise plan to introduce the characters and the team. This movie has to cover a lot of ground when it comes to introducing them, giving them character, the team dynamics and, of course, the battles. It is no wonder that individual characters were released from two days prior to the launch of the trailer. These teasers include some sequences that we do not see in the trailer and we hope to see it in the movie.

Justice - BookMyShowHenry Cavill is confirmed as the member of the cast but his presence was missed in the trailer. Maybe his resurrection will be one of the big reveals when we watch the movie. Although there have been images of him donning a black suit, which is in line with the storyline Death of Superman. We do see a glimpse of Lois Lane as she looks up at the sky.

Supporting characters
Justice - BookMyShowThe trailer also offers a glimpse of figures like Commissioner Gordan, Barry Allen’s father, Mera, Henry Allen and even Cyborg’s father Dr. Silas Stone (who has made an appearance in Dawn of Justice). The makers will certainly be covering a lot if these characters have more role to play. 

Mother boxes
Justice - BookMyShowThe released footage introduced us to one of the Mother boxes, which was given to the humans. Three such boxes exist – one for the humans, one for the Amazonians and one for the people of Atlantis who live underwater. Darkseid is one of the major villains. DC is adapting the technique of going big or going home and it seems to work for them.

A leaf was taken out of the Marvel playbook and it was done well. The appeal of snappy and witty dialogues is underrated. While it has been Marvel’s strong suit that the interactions between the characters are full of wit and there never is a dull moment, DC has just started adapting this technique. Be it Bruce Wayne proclaiming that his wealth is his superpower or the banter between Aquaman and Batman, we are sure there are more to come. 

Avengers reaction
However hard we might try, there are bound to be comparisons between the Avengers and the upcoming Justice League movie. This hilarious reaction compilation to the trailer is something that shouldn’t be missed.

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P.S. Batman says share.

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