Verdict: Kamala is an excellent suspense thriller with some good performances.

Ranjith Sankar takes on the three key roles as the director, producer, and writer of Kamala. He has produced the movie under the banner of Dreams and Beyond. The music is by Anand Madhusoodanan and cinematography has been handled by Shehnad Jalal. Aju Varghese, who seems to be reinventing himself, plays the lead role as a land broker Safar. The character of mysterious Kamala is played by Ruhani Sharma. Other minor roles include Anoop Menon and Bijo Sopanam.

What’s Kamala About:

Safar (Aju Varghese) is traveling to settle one of the biggest land deals of his life, which has been pending for some time. But that is not the only purpose of his visit to Arukani, a forest area that borders between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Safar also plans to meet Kamala (Ruhani Sharma), a friend he’d met online, and hopes to spend the night with her at a resort nearby. After settling the land deal, he rushes to meet Kamala, who seems to have her own plans. Though Kamala seems to be enjoying the courting and wooing, it is clear that she is not what she claims to be. Soon everything turns upside as Kamala goes missing and a policeman has been found murdered. Safar is left clueless to what happened and even his friends doubt that Kamala ever existed. Now, he must find out the truth behind Kamala and his encounter with her.

What Works:

The decision to choose Aju Varghese as the hero is laudable, for Aju is perfect as Safar. Known mostly for his sidekick roles, it is refreshing to see the talented actor leading the movie. Another good choice is Ruhani Sharma as Kamala. The aura of mystery that surrounds this girl seems to be the driving force of the movie. Aju and Ruhani do a wonderful job flirting with each other and keeps one guessing as to what will happen as the night approaches. There is much going on between them as they play cat and mouse all through the first half.
Kamala works because of the excellent script. As the writer and director, Ranjith does not waste even a second in unnecessary banter. He builds the story around Safar and Kamala and throws in bits and pieces of the former’s shady land deals. The suspense is thrilling and every single shot and line keeps you glued to the screen. Though the first half seems slightly slow, the second half unfolds fast and you have no time to look away. Again, not a single line feels out of place as Safar pieces together the story of the girl he knew as Kamala. Thanks to the forests and the natural beauty of Athirapally, the cinematographer makes good use of the ambiance. Every shot has something stunning to offer.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Maybe spending an entire first half watching the courting of Kamala might seem like a stretch for some. But as the director keeps the story moving between the land deal and the couple, there is a break to the monotony. Though Ruhani as Kamala is a good pick, in the second half she seems to be missing her element, also better lip-syncing would be less distracting.

Why You Should Watch:

Kamala is an entertaining thriller with a lot of suspense and mystery. It can be enjoyed by people of any age as the suspense thriller genre appeals to all. Book your tickets for an entertaining and thrilling weekend.

– By Annifred Solomon