2019 was a golden year for the Kannada movie industry in terms of creativity and performances. With the number of blockbusters and movies shot last year, ever fan must watch these works of art and enjoy the creative beauty of Sandalwood. The list given below will help you catch up with the best of 2019 Kannada films that you may have missed. Start with these and you will find your way into exploring the rest.


Mafias are a key part of Kannada movies. Here, Krishan (Darshan Thoogudeep) fights for the rights of oil millers and aims to provide them with a livelihood devoid of fear from the underworld. The plot revolves around the growing corruption and injustice in the world. It also follows how a man excels in life with a righteous attitude and hard work.

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An unusual romantic drama, this film revolves around Jagan, who goes to his hometown and falls in love with a girl. Well, the unusual is when he finds more about his family and seeks to avenge them by turning into a complete hero for good.

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Gajendra, the protagonist is a hot-headed man, who would do anything to protect his loved ones. He has power and connections, but what he doesn’t know is that the woman he is in love with hates violence. So he leaves the path of misfortunes but his past continues to haunt him. Watch the movie to know if he is finally rid of his previous lifestyle.

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This film explores the story of a mother who has lost her child and follows her struggle to find her daughter in the unknown city of Kolkata. Priyanka Upendra plays the defining role as the mother in this suspense thriller that wooed the audience last year.

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Seetharama Kalyana

Friends turning enemies is a common theme used in stories. But the twist is when their kids fall in love with each other. This story revolves around all that the lovers face for being together. When misunderstandings lead to a rift within relationships for years, it’s hard to break those walls. Watch this movie and you just might call a long-lost friend to make peace.

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Kavacha, meaning ‘shield’, is a story of a father who is blind with revenge. While he aims to see his daughter dead, a visually impaired guardian vows to protect the girl. You must watch the movie to know what fate has in store for the girl.

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Suniel Shetty’s debut in Kannada makes this movie even more happening. The story focusses on how a wrestler, in order to get recognition, works day and night, while exploring the emotional outburst of losing his loved ones. An amazing duet of Sunil Shetty and Sudeep is what would pull you towards this action drama.

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Make your lockdown fun with these 2019 Kannada films. Once the pandemic ends, there will be more cinematic gems coming your way. Until then, stay home, stay safe, and keep bingeing!