Comedy is one of the toughest genres to get right. To entertain and bring laughter is an achievement that is owned by the writers, director and the actors. We have loved Sandalwood comedies since we can remember. From the ‘80s to present, we have heard some unforgettable punch lines and we have laughed till our sides hurt. Here are a few Kannada comedies you should be streaming right now if you need to take a break from work and the lockdown.

Sri Bharatha Baahubali

Meet Bharaata and Bahubali who promise to deliver the laugh with their funny characters and hilarious adventures and misadventures. With Sri on their side, watch them go through upheavals that would lighten your hearts with giggles.

Streaming on Amazon Prime

Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma

Pandu and Parvathi are planning to fool people in order to win a huge amount of money in a competition. All they must do is to act as married couples. The fun dialogues and sarcasm between these couples and how love blooms in this comical act are stress relieving and hilarious at the same time.

Streaming on Jio Cinema

Kirik Party

Does face chat with your old friends make you nostalgic? Do you miss your college friends, especially during this time of self-isolation? This one is for you. Karna is a mischievous engineering student who hangs out with his close friends. They want to create history with their notorious nature. Relive your own college life with this one.

Streaming on Voot Viacom

Premier Padmini

Vinayak is a middle-aged man going through some personal tribulations and is going through a divorce. Nanjudi, Vinayak’s new driver, notices Vinayak’s struggles. Watch the movie to know whether Vinayak gets over this slump.

Streaming on Zee5

Ondu Motteya Kathe

This award-winning movie was remade as Thamaasha in Malayalam and Ujda Chaman in Hindi. A Kannada teacher who is judged because of his baldness finds love coming his way. Watch this funny yet thought-provoking movie that makes you realize that attaching your self-worth to looks is wrong and it’s important to love yourself with all the flaws.

Streaming on Netflix

In stressful times, we highly recommend making some popcorn and streaming these comedies for some comic relief.