Kannada cinema is known for its highly intense movies with lots of suspense, action, curiosities, and complexities. But there are also some sweet and sour romantic movies in Sandalwood that would make you blush. This lockdown is all about enjoying classic romantic Kannada movies with partners. And if you are single, welcome love into your lives with these everlasting chemistries and stories.

Mungaru Malhe

This 2007 classic revolves around Preetham, who falls in love at first sight with Nandini. While his feelings are not reciprocated, he believes hard work and sincerity will help him win over his sweetheart.

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Amrutha Varshini

Another 90s classic by Dinesh Baboo, this film was remade in Malayalam as Mazhavillu and dubbed in Telegu as well. The story is about a cute loving couple whose lives are changed when a friend brings a twist to their dramatic and jaw-dropping love story.

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This romantic drama revolves around Akash (Puneet Rajkumar) and Anjali (Parvathy Thiruvothu) who get married and soon realize the side-effects of it. The movie explores whether they can overcome their issues or if they succumb to it.

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Simple aag Ond Love Story

Have you ever accidentally met someone who has given you feelings of deja vu? And eventually, you end up liking that person! Sounds confusing and unreal, but that’s exactly what this film explores with its story of a simple yet twisted romance.

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Nammoora Mandara Hoove

Classic films are known for their mesmerizing stories. With young action hero Shivraj Kumar as a film director and Prema as a village girl, this film explores the celebration of unusual romances. Watch the movie to find out if love can win over two individuals from different backgrounds.

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Introverts always find it hard to confess their love. Meet Dia, an extremely introverted girl who falls in love with her senior, Rohit. Her nature bars her from confessing her feelings, which leads to depression and turmoil. The movie explores whether Dia finally gets over her feelings or if there’s someone else out there for her.

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Do you think Priti is impossible? Gowri Shetty and Ravindra are here to inspire you! They make impossible love possible in the 21st century where people are busy chasing fame and money. Watch how selflessly Gowri falls for her mother’s attendant and finds a new living filled with hurdles and atrocities. Discover how they pass these tests and lead in life.

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Splurge into the world of love and what it feels like to feel loved with these lovely romantic Kannada movies. You can also learn a few romantics tips and wait until the lockdown is over to try them out on your lover. Until then, keep that crazy, stupid love sane and alive by bingeing with us!

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