The Kannada film industry is a treasure chest of action films, right after Tollywood. If you’re a die-hard fan of awesome techniques, complicated stunts, wooing kicks and splits, dashing moves and unpredictable stories, watch these movies to add a dash of action in your currently quarantined lives. Take a break from Tollywood and switch to ‘Sandalwood’ (yes, that’s what the Kannada film industry is called) to be amazed by these seven Kannada action movies:


Ready for an adrenaline rush? Shivraj Kumar, the action hero of Sandalwood, plays the strong and smart Anand whose life leads him to the underworld. After a brief criminal life, he tries to move out and live normally, but his past won’t let him go so easily. The brilliant combination of action and drama is bound to keep you glued to the couch!

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Mughor is the capital of gangsters, mafias, goon and dacoits who commit crimes freely. The brave Agasthya, played by Srimurali, decides to take on the mafia culture, but his solution comes with a bunch of new problems. Watch this is you need a heartwarming story with a violent portrayal and action-packed stunts.

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Tagaru is a brilliant cop-criminal chase starring Shivraj Kumar as Tagaru and Dhananjaya as the criminal. The two are constantly competing with each other and getting revenge, much like a real-life version of Tom and Jerry. Plan an eventful movie night with tons of thrilling chase sequences, lots of stunts and a gripping tale with Tagaru.

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KGF: Chapter 1

This was one of Sandalwood’s greatest hits of 2018, and was loved by Telegu, Hindu, Malayalam and Tamil movie buffs! The movie sheds light into the Kolar gold mine and depicts a dramatic fight for power with action-filled sequences and a brilliant storyline.

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Mr and Mrs Ramachari

Need a touch of romance with the action? Allow Mr and Mrs Ramchari to entertain you! Mr Ramachari is a huge fan of Vishnuvardhan and idolises all his traits.  He is hot-headed, strong and brutal, but all of this changes when he sets his sights on Divya. Gear up for an evening of love, action, heartbreak, pain and more with this hit flick.

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Jaggu dada

While a lot of movies glorify the profession of being a criminal, Jaggu Dadashows a different side of criminal life. Watch Jaggu Dada trying his best to stay away from the lure of crime in this thrilling yet funny flick for action fans.

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Puneeth Rajkumar plays civil Engineer Lohith, who is planning an attack on the law minister responsible for a student’s death. Watch him plan the perfect revenge by staying one step ahead of his nemesis, and get hooked to a story packed with action, revenge, smart plans and more!

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Once you’re done with this list of Kannada action movies, keep coming back for more movies to watch during the quarantine. Stay home, stay safe and keep bingeing!

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