Directors like Upendra, Hemanth Rao, and Pawan Kumar seem to be committed to bringing us the best of thrills and suspense. If you are a crime thriller fan, then watch these exceptional movies that have a killer effect on its audiences. These movies will definitely give you the adrenaline rush you need in these lazy times, with some taut fight scenes and unpredictable twists.


If you thought crime thriller cannot integrate romance in the story, Gowri and Ravindra will prove you wrong. Ravindra is about to get into real trouble for falling in love with Gowri. In an intense Narcos kind of a setup, this romantic thriller will keep you engaged.

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Ulidavaru Kandanthe

A high-profile murder mystery is causing a ruckus amongst the community. The journalist involved in this case listens to the narration of the murder from five different characters. The movie is narrated in five different chapters. Will the journalist unveil the truth behind the plot and murder?

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This 2019 movie is an absolute delight with its plot and characters. A murder that happened in the distant past finds its connection to the present. A traffic cop who is interested in getting into the crime branch looks at it as an opportunity to use his skills to solve the case.

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Indira Rao is assigned a normal suicide case. She finds the story and the case quite ordinary until some secrets start surfacing. There are more complications and life takes such a turn where she has to choose between her profession and the truth.

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Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu

A career-driven son finds out that his father in the old age home has gone missing. The story takes a strange turn from there. There is a murder and the murderer is planning to get rid of everything that will lead the authorities to the truth. Shiva’s search for his father leads him to face his own realities and unprecedented situations.

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

We hope these thrillers add excitement in your lives. If you are bored in this lockdown, don’t hesitate to spend two hours of your day watching these movies. Stay tuned for more Kannada movie recommendations.