Whether you’ve always liked horror movies or have given into the peer pressure and started loving them, this is for you. The thrill of watching a well-made horror movie is worth chasing even if you have to go through some bad ones. But you don’t have to do that because here we have a carefully assembled list of Kannada horror movies you can start streaming tonight.


Friends going on a trip and running into ghosts is a common theme but this one has a different plot and setup. Wait for the threatening disaster that will change the endgame. Only the ones with a strong survival instinct will not perish.

Streaming on: Netflix, Amazon Prime


A Rajkumar Reddy movie, this supernatural horror thriller will pull the carpet under your feet. Full of evil spells with terrifying results, the petrified by the turn of events. Will they make it till the end? And even if they do, will they get over the trauma?

Streaming on: YouTube

Mummy Save Me

Now this one is especially scary. A mother-daughter duo is stuck in a villa haunted by ghosts. Strange things start happening, intimidating a six-year-old child and her mother who is pregnant. Will this mother be able to save her kids from these grave demons?

Streaming on: Zee5


Have you ever watched a horror story with twins? It’s doubly scary. Watch the twins Charu and Latha, fall in love with Ravi that leads to a murder. However, the spirit is not at peace and now it is looking for revenge.

Streaming on: Disney+ Hotstar


Think before moving into a home for it might be haunted. Learn from Ganga and Ramesh’s story who purchase a house only to find out that evil spirits live there. Now the couple has to face the consequences.

Streaming on: YouTube

Jump scares are here to add some thrill to this boring lockdown. We hope we didn’t scare you a lot because the whole world in under lockdown and you can’t run out of your home…JK.

Stay inside and stay safe.