Making someone laugh through your acting and dialogues is the toughest job in the industry. With so many comedies releasing one after the other, you might have also noticed the number of comedians that have become the usual faces of Sandalwood. Comedies are proven stress busters. Here are our favorite Kannada comedies of all time!

Raja Huli

Even though Yash is the leading man of the movie. Chikanna just steals the show with his comic timing and dialogues. Guru Deshpande’s this movie gave Chikanna and his hidden talents a chance. Thereafter, he ventured out into singing and other movies like Raj Vishnu, Adyaksha that pushed him to popularity.

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Mast Maja Maadi

This fun movie is about finding the hidden money, and the seriousness is well mixed with the comic elements. While Sudeep as ACP Pratap brings in high voltage action, you have bullet Prakash, who is the heart, soul, and funny bone of this movie.

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Shruthi Seridaga

This Rajkumar movie is well known for romance and comedy and the astrological prediction that twists the movie’s plot. M. S Umesh is one of the classic comedians from 1970s to 2000s, who made the movie a hit of the time.

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Yaarige Saluthe Sambala

The expectations when two superstars act in a movie about the quality, the story, the songs are high. Imagine when two renowned comedians like Umashree and Kari Basavaiahare together in one movie. That is Yaarige Saluthe Sambala for you. Watch it and enjoy this comic turmoil between husbands and wives.

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Although the movie is known for its tragic plot, Dodanna is the only face that relieves you from the tears and gloom. Shankarnag’s ever so real acting makes this plot one of the hits of the century, while Dodanna’sdynamic dialogues give you a lifetime of laughter challenge.

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Watch these evergreen Kannada comedies to make you work-from-home stress-free and fun.