Katniss Everdeen has returned to the big screen. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has already started to create a buzz in the film circles. The movie is finally releasing in India on December 6, 2013. This is a long-awaited sequel. Most sequels have a tendency of faltering when held up against their predecessors. There are few movies that actually have stood up and shone in their own light. Godfather II comes to mind, as well The Empire Strikes Back. And in the animation world, Toy Story 2 does well. So compared to The Hunger Games, this film has a lot to deliver.


The best part about The Hunger Games series is the fact that there is a strong female character. The heroine of this series, Katniss Everdeen, is not portrayed as a superhuman, neither is she portrayed as a simpering lass, nor as a damsel in distress. She kicks arse (pardon my french). Highly-skilled and motivated, her goals are easily identifiable and easily understood. Protect the ones you love, Fight for those who can’t and Never give up.


Now in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, faces a new kind of enemy. Hardened killers and back-stabbing politicians and also a fascist police force who are trying to thwart her. With the 74th Hunger Games over, the next set of games are the Quarter Quell. Aptly named, since I think that it is designed to crush the hopes of the oppressed masses of this dystopian world. Donald Sutherland is back as the President of Panem. He makes being bad look so good. I am actually also looking forward to seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman in this movie. You know that things aren’t the way they seem whenever he is around. Coming back to Katniss. She is an archer, whose strength is to attack from a distance and then melt away, striking fear and chaos in the ranks. Unfortunately, her disadvantage is close quarters combat. The various participants of the Quarter Quell are in fact, past winners of the past Hunger Games, they have had time to focus and train and hone their skills till they are lethal. Katniss now has to get better and faster. This shows a growth of the character. Her skills have to either match those of her enemies or she dies. That’s her reality. Imagine facing that and knowing that you might die. This makes the movie, Catching Fire intriguing.

This film promises much. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, is going to be an interesting look into what goes on in the mind of a strong female lead. A movie of epic battles and gore. But in the end, it’s about the strength to do what is necessary to survive and the will to do it.

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