There’s no denying that the world we live in today is a fast paced one. What’s headline today, becomes stale news tomorrow. It often proves difficult to stay up-to-date on all the latest news, especially when it’s coming out of the entertainment industry. Here, every day there’s a new gossip making its way to the forefront. But before you get a chance to catch up on all the latest news, the tide has turned and the status has changed. But all of this just forms a small part of the entertainment industry. There’s always the latest celebrity trends, diets, and fashion styles to worry about. Keeping yourself up-to-date might sound like a mammoth task. But it doesn’t have to be, at least not anymore.

The solution comes in the form of our new Trailers and Videos section. This segment is curated keeping in mind the need of the hour as well as that of the entertainment buffs. Divided into four different segments, it consists of Trailers, MyBollywoodMyStyle and MyTv.

The Bollywood movie industry is a huge one, as we all know. Every week it relentlessly churns out movie previews. That’s just the Hindi movie segment. There’s also Hollywood movies as well as regional movies dropping their previews. It often becomes difficult to keep track of it all. That’s where our Trailers section comes in. Here you’ll find all the latest movie trailers, be it Bollywood, Hollywood or Tollywood, all together in one place.

Then there’s the matter of keeping up with all the latest Bollywood news and gossip. For that we have the MyBollywood segment. From the friendly tussle between Baba Ramdev and Ranveer Singh, to Emraan Hashmi dishing on all the actresses he’s been paired with. You can witness it all here.

If TV news is what you’re hankering for then you’re in luck. You can catch up on everything that transpires in the television industry here. That’s not all, the MyTv section also has some exclusive interviews from your favourite celebrities. Get all the inside secrets that no one else has; giving you the upper hand when it comes to some television gossip.

But it’s not just celebrity news and gossip we care about, but also fashion. How to get the latest celebrity look, must have wardrobe essentials, to diet secrets; we’re spilling it all in our MyStyle segment.

Your one stop for all things entertainment, be sure to check out our Trailers and Videos segment.

Written By: Sanjana Sule