Be careful when you shop! This blood-splattering comedy horror about a murderous shopping cart will leave you in splits. Directed by James Feenay, the 15-minute thriller stars Christine Alicia Rodriguez, Ray Bouchard, Elly Schaefer and Britt Michael Gordon

The movie opens with the closing of a supermarket at the end of a dull day. The workers are packing up and ready to leave when the world as they know it turns savage. Suddenly, there’s an attack on one of the workers by none other than a shopping cart! One by one, the workers are in danger of the cart’s deadly attack. Can four people overcome four wheels and a basket? Killer Kart will leave you in surprise, horror and fits of laughter. 

Killer Kart - BookMyShow

Even with a unique narrative, the film fails to impress. The performances are below par and there is a lot of unnecessary screaming. The gory scenes look far too unconvincing and the ending was predictable. But that does take away the entertainment the movie provides. Goofy and dramatic, the film is an ideal watch for your next sleepover with friends. 

At the end, the movie does seem to have a message: when it comes to shopping carts, don’t push it!

Watch the 15-minute short film here: