With fans of S.S. Rajamouli's Baahubali franchise counting days for the sequel starring PrabhasRana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty to hit theatre screens on April 28, the film has been making a lot of noise. The fact that it has become the Most Viewed Indian Trailer Ever and the Most Liked Indian Trailer is enough for us to guess the anticipation of the fans. The film became famous for many reasons when the first part was released; one being its comparison to Hollywood epic war film 300, a grand visual treat, in ways more than one. 

Well, we all know Baahubali is India's answer to Hollywood but the film is anything but a copy of or a tribute to 300. Would you not like to know why the film is often said to resemble the Hollywood flick then? 

Here, we give you the top five similarities between the two films.

The overall look of the film
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Due to the generous use of high-end technology for the visual effects in both Baahubali: The Beginning and 300, a lot of similarities are found in the overall look of the films. Watch the trailers of both the films and you will understand what we mean.

Intense action 
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With intense action in both films like the beginning of the war sequence and high octane fights by the lead characters, both movies share a lot of similarities. There will definitely be "Oh, that looks like 300" moments to look out for. 

Unique negative characters
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Consider Ephialtes of Trachis from 300 and Bijjaladeva from Baahubali: The Beginning. The characterisation of both villains with respect to their physical deformities and ruthlessness is one common element you cannot miss. The veteran Naseer as Bijjaladeva was undoubtedly phenomenal in Baahubali. 

Charisma of the lead actors

Apart from the villain, there are also resemblances between the lead actors' chiseled bodies as well as the glamor quotient added by the lead actresses Lena Headey and Tamannaah Bhatia.

VFX effects
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With 17 VFX studios comprising over 800 technicians, Baahubali was meant to smash all records and raise the levels of Indian cinema on the international stage. Be it the spectacular waterfall shot which took 109 days to be shot or the grand spectacle Zack Snyder delivered through his fantastical creatures, VFX surely did give us goosebumps while viewing these similar styled yet breathtaking visuals.

As fans of the great Bahubali series, we know you may have your own thoughts to share. Just go ahead and speak your heart out in the comments below.