When he is not secluded in his mind palace or giving brilliant performances, this British-born genius actor is making people laugh with his out-of-the-box shenanigans on the internet! Yes, we are talking about the man who owned the internet last year with his distinctive style. From being remotely known to being a superstar, Benedict Cumberbatch is loved and adored all around the world. Labeled as an accidental superstar, he continues to surprise us with his unique and comical tricks!

Here’s how he made us fall in love with him!

When he walked like Beyonce on The Graham Norton Show.

When he imitated 11 celebrities in 60 seconds.

When he mastered the photobomb!

When he nailed the ice bucket challenge!

When he announced his engagement in the most old-fashioned way.

When he dressed up as Mr. Napkin Head for the paparazzi!

When he kissed Reese Witherspoon! #LikeTheresNoTomorrow

A power-packed entertainer, isn’t he? One simply cannot ignore his brilliance! Moreover, with The Imitation Game already nominated under 8 categories for the Oscars, we wouldn’t be surprise if he walked away with the Best Actor Award for the film. Keeping our fingers crossed on that! Till then, rush to your nearest theatre and catch The Imitation Game this weekend.

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