What makes Lady Gaga famous? Her acting? Not so much. Her music? Kind of. Her fashion? Hell, yes! Every Red Carpet event, photogs and fans are eagerly waiting for the Paparazzi singer. What would she be wearing this time? Will it be her most outrageous outfit ever? What if she decides to shock everyone by wearing something really simple? Lady Gaga’s reputation as a fashion game-changer precedes her.

From the meat dress to the face cover-up, Lady Gaga has always brought something new and creative to the world of fashion. People wondered if the singer ever wore regular outfits, as she was always seen in some quirky ensemble. She was never shy of experimenting with colors, patterns, fabrics, and even using material never used in fashion before. Lady Gaga dared to be different!

On her birthday, we bring you the singer’s craziest outfits. No one can pull these looks off like Lady Gaga herself! Take a look:


The Iconic Meat Dress

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Who can forget this dress? It will go down in history as the weirdest Red Carpet look ever! The singer wore variations of the meat dress on two separate occasions and even on the Vogue cover.


The Skeleton

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

While other celebrities lose a lot of weight to show off their skeletal figure, Miss Gaga gets a skeleton on her. Even her shoes are made of bones.


The Mannequin

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

If you passed by Lady Gaga wearing this outfit, you wouldn’t even stop to check. That’s because this doesn’t look real at all! The singer could easily pass off as a mannequin in a chinaware store.


These Blaring Guns

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Her looks may not kill, but her guns certainly do! In one of her performances, the songwriter wore an outfit attached with weapons protruding from her chest.


The Glacier

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Come rain or snow, Lady Gaga wears what she wants. This climate-defying dress was worn by the singer in one of her performances, where she embodied the Ice Queen.  


The Unicorn Tail

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Voldemort just drank unicorn blood, but Lady Gaga stole all its fur. The body hair was used to make her top hat and the rest of it went on her dress.


The Bubbles

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

No outfit, no problem. Lady Gaga will wear anything, as long as it covers her lady bits. On one occasion, she made herself a dress of bubbles. Pop goes our hearts!


This Weird Arrangement

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Stained glass art has been popular since the late Middle Ages. The Bad Romance brought the trend back by incorporating the design on her jacket.


The Christmas Tree

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Lady Gaga may have missed out on the Christmas tree shopping because she seems to have thought of some last minute improvisations. Instead of buying a large tree, she wore a small one!


The Miley Cyrus Look

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus seem to be birds of the same feather, as this outfit looks like something the Wrecking Ball singer would wear. Maybe Lady Gaga borrowed it for a performance?


Cousin Itt’s Outfit

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

Lady Gaga has never been shy of borrowing outfits. One time, she was seen in something that looked like it came out of Cousin Itt’s closet. Or maybe it was Cousin Itt himself!


The Sparkly Cactus

Lady Gaga weird outfits - BookMyShow

This weird spidery outfit made Lady Gaga look like some inflated sea creature, only in silver. How did she even walk in that, you ask? Well, only she can tell!


Happy birthday, Lady Gaga. Keep inspiring us with your creativity!