Kamaal Rashid Khan, better known as KRK, is famous for picking up Twitter battles with celebrities. Whether this is for publicity or for his personal pleasure, we are still figuring out. But his remarks on the social media platform have angered and received loads of flak for numerous fans as well as movie stars who have stood up for their fellow friends. His tweets about Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Swara Bhaskar are just a few examples of him being a total douche bag. However, this time around, he has messed with the wrong person. If you have been in touch with the recent celebrity news, you wouldn’t have missed the latest controversy about the beloved producer-actor and the South superstar, Mohanlal.Atlast, KRK accepts defeat to South superstar, Mohanlal - BookMyShow

KRK compared the Mollywood actor, who has millions of fans all over the world, to the cartoon character Chota Bheem. All this started after the announcement that Mohanlal will be playing the role of Bheem in the ambitious adaptation of Mahabharata, the budget of which is rumoured to be Rs.1000 crore. However, little did the actor-turned-"critic" realize the repercussions of his act. As soon as he tweeted this, he was trolled by outraged Mohanlal fans who trolled him back and threatened him, asking him to apologize to their favorite star.

The self-proclaimed critic even went ahead and tweeted about how he is a bigger star than Mohanlal, since he has more followers on Twitter than the South star. After five days of Twitter rantings, KRK seems to have finally realized his mistake and has openly apologized to Mohanlal. He said he did not know the magnanimity of his stardom [sic].

One important thing that we would like to draw your attention towards is that throughout all this hullaballoo, Mohanlal just proved to be the bigger person and chose to ignore this interaction. Not once has he reacted to KRK’s tweets. A piece of advice to you Mr. KRK, why not keep your opinions to yourself, if you have nothing good to say about anyone?

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